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Inclined Platform Lifts (IPL) can be the ideal solution when a passenger elevator or vertical platform lift has already been ruled out. Providing means of access dedicated to wheelchair users via an existing staircase route.
This type of technology is simply installed often with minimal disruption and little or no requirement for building works.

Access Etc. supply and install a range of inclined platform lifts for straight or curved travel. With various track mounting systems and choice of platform sizes an accessible solution can be found for most staircase designs

Our  range of Inclined platform lift solutions are designed for both inside & outdoors:

A-V4 Straight Staircase.


A-V5  – Curved staircses

Specified correctly IPL’s can provide an access solution for many environments either public or private buildings, both indoors and externally located. When selecting such a lift, careful consideration will be needed in a number of areas. Attention should be given to the suitability of the staircase in terms of space available, the structural loads and the most suitable mounting system for the location.

Independent access for all users is the ideal outcome, however when faced with an IPL some users may not be familiar with the lift design and unable to operate it without assistance. Therefore provision should be in place to offer a user the choice of assistance.

Access Etc are able to provided guidance with Access Consultancy

Location can make a difference to how an IPL will be used. For example, a primary school may need supervised operation and keyed access control to activate the lift.
Public access environments may have an open use policy with means of calling for assistance, including intercom systems and the appropriate signage.

Lift ownership whether it be building management or a dedicated user/owner. It is good practice to establish an access statement document to specifically include the lift location and its use.
This can include all operating and emergency procedures, maintenance records and safety checks. Offering a consistant source of information for new users, care providers and staff training. Whilst highlighting the need for good routine maintenance and helping to ensure correct procedures safeguarding against misuse.

For further technical information contact Access Etc office and arrange an appointment with one of our consultants to discuss the most suitable Inclined Platform Lift solutions