bionic legs meet Access Etc at Naidex

Radi and his bionic legs scale Access Etc’s A-Flex at Naidex

From the 5th to the 7th April 2011, Access Etc exhibited at the Naidex Exhibition In Birmingham, presenting a wide range of Access products and services.

One of which, the unique A-Flex Short Rise Lift, used to demonstrate the power of an all new, life changing device, now being dubbed ‘The Robotic Legs.’ or The Rewalk supplied in the UK by Cyclone Technologies, the UK’s leader in Disabled Fitness and Rehab.

The media interest has led to surge of national interest for Access Etc products & services, see below one of the many media interviews conducted on the Access Etc exhibition stand, footage supplied courtesy of The Telegraph, ITN and Channel 4 News.

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